About Us

Bungee Trampoline is the most unique and exciting product of its kind on the market. Imagine jumping as high as you can feel exiting in the air and doing many flips without fear of falling! The Bungee Trampoline makes this possible with a comfort. Bungee Trampoline is fun for everyone! It can be used by anyone between 20 Ibs and 200 lbs. It is popular with people of all ages, but most popular with those ages 5 to 20 with high repeat customer use. Bungee Trampoline can be found in hundreds of locations throughout the world. We are providing Spare Parts for this exited sports and entertainments. We carry all the parts, accessories and supplies such as Bungee Cords, Harnesses for all sizes, Carabiner and Swivels and much more for this incredible units.